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Action packed Weekends

If anything in my life these days counted as an action packed weekend, this weekend would be right up there. Rather than going back to Sydney as I’ve usually been doing, I decided to stay in Canberra. It wasn’t just a random decision – I had a specific reason.

Around this time every year is the Floriade flower festival in Canberra. Heaps of flowers, arranged artistically designed to lure tourists from all over. I went to the festival last year, but since I lived in Sydney at the time, I didn’t arrive until mid afternoon. This year however, I made sure I arrived as early as possible. The gates open at 8am – I was there by 8:05am. The day was still quite cool and windy – the sun having only recently risen. There was an abundance of shadows, and the flowers were still wet.

The main purpose of my attendance was to take copious quantities of photos. And that I did. Nearly two hours after I had arrived, I’d taken all the photos I wanted – almost 200 of them. I’m still waiting for them to finish transferring to my computer so I can check them out. They’ll be uploaded to my gallery when I’m done.

Afterwards, I headed to the local shops. I’d noticed in the junk mail for Target that a particular coffee machine was 25% off – a saving of $40. I decided that it was time to get one. I also bought some electric beaters, to help with the cake cooking I planned to do.

Having washed the coffee machine and read the instructions, I made my first cup of coffee – a cappuccino. It turned out reasonably well, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. I then turned my attention to cake making. I’d purchased some cake mixes last week (they were on special 🙂 ) and some eggs a few days ago. The cake is currently in the oven – it’s success waits to be determined. Although, preliminary reports indicate it is rising well.

Oh, and somewhere in between all that I managed to do some sweeping and some washing (both clothes and dishes). Must be time for lunch now I reckon…

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  1. Hi Nathan

    Thomas is still wondering how to remove that cdrom "virus" you wrote. It won't stop opening and closing.

    BTW, do you still have your water cooler?

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