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Creating a minimal XP install <– this is a great page for instructions on installing XP onto compact flash.

The above page has disappeared from the face of the internets.  Try instead. <– this page has some interesting comments about this too. is a commercial product that helps strip down an XP install to 350MB

There is an excellent (albiet a little old) forum post here that describes how to slim down the install cd.

To remove components already installed, see the Microsoft article here.

Linux drivers for M-audio MobilePre USB –


  1. Lol, how come only the first link gets linked?

  2. Cos I was lazy, and I didn't link the other two 😛

  3. [2] Oh OK, I thought it had some auto-link detection thing 😉

  4. Ward Christensen

    March 8, 2009 at 11:01 am

    First link – to “great for installing XP on CF” (What I’m trying, and searched for) is broken.

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