Last week I ordered a toroidal transformer from ebay.  The seller was great, responding quickly, and letting me know when the item was being shipped.  The item was shipped registered and insured, with fastway couriers.

The seller of the transformer is located in Sydney, and I was getting the transformer shipped to Canberra.  An easy three hour drive, maybe up to as much as four with heavy traffic in Sydney.

The parcel was picked up by fastway couriers on 11th April.  Fair enough, that was the date given to me by the ebay seller.  Shortly afterwards the status changed to being in transit.

Five days later (including three business days), the tracking system still indicated the parcel was in transit.  For a three hour drive, that’s a pretty poor effort.  This morning the status finally changed to indicate the parcel was in Canberra.  Quite fortunate for Fastway, since I was about to ring them up and question why exactly the parcel was taking so long.

It remains to be seen just how long it will take for the parcel to be delivered, now that is actually in Canberra.