On the weekend I went for a 2.5 hour drive down to Canberra, to see the Floriade Flower festival, that is held annually in Commonwealth Park. It lasts for a month, from 16 September to 15 October. I brought my shiny new Canon 350D SLR with me, since my main objective was to take copious amounts of colourful photos.

The day was a lovely sunny day, and I had a pleasant drive down to Canberra. One thing I didn’t count on was the massive number of people who also decided to visit Floriade. In retrospect, I should have left home much earlier, since I didn’t get to Floriade till around 12pm. It took a while to find parking too – I was pretty lucky finding a massive carpark that was separated from the park by a footbridge over a main road.

In addition to the colourful flower displays (Tulips mainly), there were the usual street performers, food vendors, seminars relating to various aspects of gardening, flowers and relating products for sale, and even two cafès.

I’ve uploaded a selection of my photos to my photo gallery, which can be found here. Please leave comments either here in the blog, or in the photo gallery – I’d appreciate your input 😉