I thought I’d give FreeNAS a whirl too, see how it goes.  The partitioning commands are a little different, so this post describes what I did for partitioning the SSD.

I read here that the size of the L2ARC should be roughly 4:1 times the size of the level 1 ARC that resides in RAM.  Since I only have a limited amount of ram (currently 10GiB), I decided 50GiB was a good starting point for the size of my L2ARC.  Also I thought I would try creating a log device on the same SSD, although only a 10GiB partition for that.

First of all, we need to find which device the SSD is.  That’s the easy part.

There it is, ada0.  But I’ve already tried creating it as a cache device in the webgui of freenas, so we need to remove the existing partitions first.

First remove the partition, then the partition table.

Now create the 10GiB partition for use with the log device.

and the partition for l2arc

Add it to the zpool

Finally, check it all looks correct: