My data storage hard drive began to fail today. I’m not
sure how long it’s been like this, but I couldn’t access some data
today, which made me investigate further. I’ve bought a 200GB
PATA drive for the purposes of copying all my data onto.
I’m running spinrite 6 on the drive now, to see if it can recover the
rest. So far it’s been running for about 5 hours, and it tells me
it has 870 hours left (I really hope thats not the case).
So I guess I’ll be moving forward with my RAID 1 storage idea as soon as I can afford it.

In other news, Sharon is currently in NZ for the youth
conference. Oh, how envious I am. Oh, and we’re going out
for dinner tonight – it’s my grandparents 50th wedding
anniversary!! 50 years – its hard to imagine living that long,
let alone being married to someone for that long.