… in fact, I returned yesterday.

My trip to the South Coast turned out to be pretty good, although it could’ve been better. The trip down was uneventful, with one exception. Turns out there was a bunch (technical term) of old ‘planes landing at a regional airport right beside the highway. I managed to grab a few photos of them landing.

The weather was moderately fine on Wednesday and Thursday, but pretty much sucked Friday and was totally annoying Saturday. By which I mean it started raining Friday, and really poured down all the way home on Saturday. Driving on bendy roads at high speed takes on a different dimension when the road is all but invisible. Anyway, better weather is pretty much the only thing that was lacking on the trip. Apart from some planning, which in retrospect should have been done. At least a small amount.

The accommodation turned out to be older than I was expecting from the pictures on their website, but was fine nevertheless. I survived. The only gripe I really had was checkout. The office was only open 8:30am till 6pm, so while I was ready to leave at 8am, I had to wait till 8:30.

I visited Carrington Falls on my way down as planned. They were pretty awesome, given the recent rain. Plus, they were really loud. I got a few great photos there.

Didn’t end up going on the cruise or visiting the island. Mainly because the cruise would’ve taken up half the day, and to visit the island involved driving an hour further south, and then working out the appropriate boat to take me there and back.

What I did do though, is take some shots of the sunrise at Batemans Bay. Pretty awesome, and not as insane as it might sound – Del Costa was right across the road from the Bay, so I had about a 50 metre walk to where I set up my tripod. There was a whole bunch of yachts in the Bay too.

So instead I relaxed, drove around the area a fair bit (so many windy roads!) took some interesting and not so interesting photos. All in all a pretty relaxing time. I’m really dreading going back to work tomorrow.

I’d link some more photos, but thats pretty much all I’ve processed for the moment.