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Impulse purchase!

Ok, so I’ve just gotten back from a shopping expedition to Aldi. I am now the (somewhat) proud owner of a Medion Graphics tablet (41217). I like it. Lots.

I’ve played around with it in The Gimp, but it really taxes the CPU of my poor T41 Thinkpad, so hopefully it will work better connected to my mac. I will probably use GimpShop.

The latest drivers for both OS X and Windows are here. The tablet is a rebadged Aiptek tablet.

Overall I am quite impressed for a mere $69. It seems to have a wide range of pressure sensitivity, and it comes with the usual bundled software.

There is a slight issue with the windows port of The Gimp and the tablet, but that is easily (if somewhat annoyingly) fixed by following the instructions in the last post in this thread (basically set the tracking to mouse in the settings controlled by the little applet in the system tray).

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  1. Very cool app. Can you tell me where to download the Help files? Apparently they didn’t make it during the install process, so it won’t load them. Thanks!

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