I realise it’s been nearly 10 days since I posted last. I’ve done loads of stuff since then, but I haven’t gotten around to writing about it. It doesn’t help that I’m relying on the generosity of people to provide open wireless access points for me to use.

So I’m currently in Incheon, but up until Thursday 21st I was still in Busan. I caught the 13:13pm KTX (Korean fast train) to Incheon on Thursday, and I’ve done a few touristy things here since then, in addition with catching up with people.

Quick summary of what I did in Busan:
Saturday – trip on subway to Busan tower, fish market, mueseum of musical instruments
Sunday – trip to Daegu ecclesia
Monday – trip to the end of subway line, paris baguette, then to haendae beach, had a look around, dinner at Bennigans above starbucks
… I can’t remember after that. I’ll have to think back. I’m leaving very soon to go to Lotte World (at least, I think that’s how it’s spelt). More details will be coming when I have a chance.