Yesterday was my final day at CSC. I feel a little sad, but I’m really looking forward to starting my new job. I had a pretty good last day.

I didn’t do any actual work (didn’t really do any all week, but that’s another story), although I did help out on a couple of tickets. I re-ghosted my laptop on Thursday prior to handing it back, so I had only a minimal number of applications installed.

Lunch would have to be the highlight of the day. It’s very rare we have an all-team-members lunch, since someone really needs to be monitoring our ticket queue. Fortunately Stuart now has a much-coveted wireless card (uses the phone network – CDMA I think) and together with the hotline forwarded to the on-call mobile, we were set.

We had lunch at the local Spanish club, at my request. It’s been quite a while since we’d been there, and I really enjoy Spanish food, as does most of the team. Also present was most of the VMS team, and most of the graduates that started at the same time as me. Mimmo had to be different naturally, ordering grilled fish and vegetables. Most of the rest of us had tappas – a variety of dishes, shared between people. We had calamari, barbecued baby octopus, spanish sausage, croquets, lemon chicken, some other sort of chicken and meatballs.

I had a couple of pleasant surprises at lunch time. First of all Dave, our illustrious team leader, bought everyone a drink. When you consider the price of beer / soft drink / various other drinks, times around 15 people, that adds up to a substantial contribution.

The other pleasant surprise was the card and present. After we’d devoured the tappas Tess brought out the card (one of those giant A4 sized cards that everyone had signed) and a bag. The bag had a Colorado wallet and a humerous mug (On it was written “To err is human…but to really foul things up requires a computer”). I wasn’t expecting either the card or the presents, so thanks to everyone who contributed to that.

After lunch I hung around a little while, finished packing the remainder of my possessions into my car. Then I grudgingly handed over my laptop, ID tag, and RSA token. I was now unemployed.

It feels kinda cool, knowing that I have no boss, no responsibility, for the whole of next week. Some people have suggested I should go on a holiday somewhere, but I can’t really think of where to go. I’ll probably end up sitting here at home and playing around with Asterisk or something.