Wow, I just realised I haven’t posted here for some time. There’s been some major news since then.
First off: the car. I bought it. I’ve got my very own shiny red 1991 corolla seca ultima hatch (wow, what a mouthful).
I really should put some photos of it up here, but I don’t have any at
the moment. I’ve upgraded the head unit in the car – its now a
Panasonic CQ-C5400, with the auxilary input running to the glove box
for my various portable music devices.
It got checked over by our mechanic, and given a clean bill of
health. There’s one thing thats annoying though – there seems to
be a small hole somewhere that lets the wind in. It’s not really
noticeable, apart from when you’re driving at high speeds, like 110km/h
on the way to work and back every day.
Also, the thermostat seems to be faulty – its consistently low.

In other news, I’m visiting Dan on the 21-22 of May. W00t for flying. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a plane.

Anyway, I’d should probably get back to work. More later perhaps