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Macquarie University irc channel

While I was at Macquarie University, I became aware of an irc channel on an Australian irc server where fellow students congregated.  The irc network was austnet, and the channel was #macuni.  It turned out that most of the students using that channel were computing students, similar to myself.

That was several years ago now.  A number of us continue to be regular participants in #macuni.  However, over the years austnet has suffered greatly in terms of reliability.  Some time ago we moved to a different irc network, zirc.  But in the past month or so that network has completely disintegrated,  no dns records, no active servers.

We decided to take matters into our own hand.  And thus was born.  We still have the same channel name – #macuni.  If you’re a past, present, or potential student at Macquarie University, please feel free to drop by and say hello.

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  1. Just for those following, we’re now at after our previous domain got jacked 🙁 If I leave a URL in here will it get recognised? I’ll try anyway: irc://

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