Ok. Third time lucky. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a car
this time. Its relatively old – 1992 corolla seca ultima.
Red. Only 117000km, for $5600 – which means I can basically
afford it without borrowing any money 🙂 Yay – no debt.
If all goes well, I’ll be completing the deal on Tuesday night. I can’t wait to finally have my own car.
I want to get the windows tinted – I’m pretty sure they’re not tinted
already. Also, I want to put in a decent stereo system.
After all, I will be listening it to 2 hours+ every weekday – so I want
it to sound at least fairly decent.
Only problem is, Mum doesn’t reckon I should be spending much money on
the car. I disagree – I’ll likely have this car for the rest of
the year at least.

Went shopping this afternoon with Mum and Shaz. Picked out a belt
for a birthday present – my current belt is getting pretty worn out,
and is close to breaking.
Also went to the pet shop to check out their fish. I really wanna
get a fish tank and stuff, but I’m afraid theres not really anywhere
suitable to keep it.