So my computer finally bit the dust late Wednesday night. I
bought some new hardware – an Athalon AMD 64 3000+, 1GB of corsair DDR
400 RAM, and an ASUS A8V Deluxe mobo, as well as a 160GB SATA hdd.
I decided to install Windows XP, using the SATA hdd as my primary
drive. Won’t be a problem, I thought, I installed XP onto a
computer with SATA just last weekend. If only it were so. I
spent hours trying to get windows xp to recognise the SATA hdd.
First of all, I had to learn that pressing F6 gave no immediate
response. I also had to borrow Dad’s USB floppy disk drive
(Actually, it belonged to Dad’s work, and he had to return it today, so
I was very lucky there). After trying different drivers, and
different SATA slots, i finally got it to work.
So today I thought I’d investigate how to get an up-to-date XP install
cd, along with the necessary drivers. I’m following the guide
that can be found here. Another guide can be found here.
Right now I’ve got an 80 minute wait until the XP sp2 has downloaded, and I’ll start everything after that.