Wow! A friend of mine just pointed out that I actually have
comments here. I can’t believe someone wasted a small portion of
their life to read what I wrote. People these days…what *is*
the world coming to?
I haven’t updated this for a couple of weeks now, so I thought I’d better. Here goes…

I’ve mainly been doing work stuff. I’ve learned some
interesting things – exchange restores for one, how to put a computer
in a group in AD is another.
Apart from that, I haven’t been doing a real lot interesting. I
mowed the front lawn today. It was a bit soggy, since it rained,
but not too bad so it kept clogging up the mower.
Oh, and I got a ride in a bright yellow skyline GTR today, although it
was the back seat. Those back seats really arent designed for
people my size. Boy that car takes off fast, and its got
*enourmous* disc brakes on it.
What else…hmm. Well, the seminar down at Goulburn was a
flop. No interested friends at all, though I did get a nice sleep
in the car on the way down and back with mum driving. I got some
nice KFC for dinner too.
Oh yeah, my best friend – Dan Hammond – got engaged to his long time girlfriend on friday. I cant say I’m suprised.

<More to come later>