So today I finally bought my linksys wrt54g wireless router, and
an accompanying pcmcia wireless card for my laptop. It took me a
while to get it all set up, and I’m still not 100% happy with it (I
have to assign static ip addresses to the wireless interfaces), but at
least it works.

It took me a while to get my sister’s laptop working with WPA
too. Stupid fujitsu hasn’t got updated centrino wlan
drivers. Fortunately, IBM has, and their driver seems to work
fine on the Lifebook.

Connection strength seems to vary throughout the house. I’m
seriously considering getting a custom firmware and boosting the power
output. Only problem is, I’ve got no idea which firmware – theres
so many to choose from! Also, I’ve no idea what the maximum legal power output is for access points.

Anyway, I also went shopping and bought 3 nice new microfibre shirts,
and 2 new ties. All in all a fairly busy day, and I still haven’t
done any 1 Peter work :$

Yay! I’ve successfully upgraded the firmware to a 3rd party firmware –
Alchemy (pre7a). It has enabled me to boost the signal output,
though I haven’t boosted it by the maximum amount. The firmware was kindly provided by TheIndividual

Something very strange happened to my linux
gateway (which runs Clarkconnect) today. I (used to) run fetchmail to
collect all my mail from other accounts. For some reason, it was
downloading all read mail from my dad’s email account over and over and
over again – I ended up with 3 copies of each mail message in my inbox
before I realised what was happening!!!!
Anyway, even killing the fetchmail process didnt stop the flood of
mail. I played around a fair bit, couldn’t see why it was
happening. So I ended up stopping postfix, and removing the
queued mail messages, and starting postfix again.
But wait, theres more! They still kept coming!!.
I’m not sure whats caused them to finally stop – I repeated the
process, only I kept postfix stopped for over an hour. Let’s hope
this never happens again – I was really freaked out, especially since I
had only today connected a WAP to my network.
Anyway, this link was helpful for some other stuff –

Oh no! Disaster has struck, in the form of Dad deleting
things he really shouldnt have. In the end, thanks to a very
useful program, most of the data was retreived, minus the directory
names. Please people! Check twice, delete once (and recover