I figure that, since I now have this nice fancy wordpress instead of the hideousness that was my previous blog, I should take the time to update it more often. So what happened in my life today? Not a great deal that was interesting, but that’s not going to stop me writing about the uninteresting stuff.

Today I finally bought a new pair of shoes. I’ve been looking for a replacement pair of shoes for my black Colorado size 13 destroyers, but up until recently I hadn’t had much success. I was used to these big, clunky comfortable shoes, and I wanted to get another pair. Unfortunately I bought that pair about 5 years ago – they were actually sitting in my cupboard for a year or two before I even started wearing them.

Since they were Colorado shoes, I figured it would be logical to go to a Colorado retail store to get another pair. Unfortunately, the Colorado stores I went to didn’t have the same shoe on display. On Tuesday I finally went to my now-local Colorado store. I was overjoyed when I found a similar pair – not so chunky, but still black, and comfortable. I asked if they had them in size 13. I was told that particular store didn’t, but another did, and it could be ordered in.

Yesterday I got a message saying that in fact, no Colorado store throughout the whole of Australia had that shoe in a size 13. I was advised instead to visit Mathers shoe store, which had arranged to hold a pair of these shoes for me. So at lunch time today I visited the Mathers store. I was feeling pretty happy when the shop assistant returned from the storeroom with a large shoebox in her hand. But that happiness soon disappeared. Once she opened the shoebox, I saw a pair of size 13 black shoes alright, but in a suede finish. Not at all what I wanted.

After pointing that out, the assistant said she’d take a look and see if they had the shoe in a ‘normal’ leather finish. A short time later she re-appeared, carrying two boxes. I was delighted to discover that one shoebox actually contained a pair of size 13 black destroyers! The very shoe I was after originally. It seems strange that a 3rd party retailer would stock what a Colorado store had no access to, but I’m not going to complain too loudly. I’m just happy I have some new shoes at last.

Anyways, in a rather anti-climactic finish I would like to say that it rained very heavily for about 10 minutes, shortly before I was due to leave work this afternoon. It was both cool, and annoying. The cool factor came from the rain being so prevalent, that I was unable to see the ground from the window on the 14th floor. The annoying part came from the rain happening so close to when I was about to go home. It seemed that I would be walking to my car in torrential rain. But fortunately the rain eased off to virtually nothing by the time I left.

Also, Murphy reared his ugly head today. I had just pressed the “Close door” button in the lift, ready to go home, when I realised I’d forgotten something. My precious newly purchased shoes were still at my desk. I had to go all the way to the ground floor, and then take a lift back up to the 14th floor to retrieve my shoes.