It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I’ve been really busy since I got here, so only now do I have a chance to write an update.

When I arrived in Incheon, there was some light snow falling. Snow was everywhere, at the airport, on the streets, the footpaths, the roofs. It might sound pretty, but mostly it was muddy and annoying. Sarang and Gun-woo met me at the airport, and we took a series of trains to get to the ecclesia in Seoul, before going to Gun-woo’s place, where we spent the night.

Early sunday morning (well, not that early, everyone slept in), we piled into a minivan to drive to Yong Pyong. We were staying in a much nicer building in Yong Pyong, even closer to the snow fields than last year.

Today we’ve had a couple of studies on 2 Timothy, followed by two skiing sessions. I started off fairly badly, but quickly got the hang of it again. My turns are getting better, but still nowhere near as graceful as some highly skilled children that fly past me on the slopes. There’s a lot more snow than last year, which has madethe skiing a lot more enjoyable.

The smell of some korean food makes me queasy now, smells similar to the ones I remember when I caught my stomach bug last year. It’s annoying at meal times, so I’ve been sticking with the ‘western’ food – various curries and port cutlets. I’m feeling quite tired after such a long day, I think it’s time for bed.