After much trial and error, and some help from my good friend
jedi, I’ve finally managed to customise (at least to some extent) one
of the skins on this site – Royal Navy.
It’s got the heading just like the main part of the site, although the
colour scheme still needs altering. Maybe even one day i could
integrate the menu thats on the main page, but that’s a long way down
the track.

Meanwhile, I managed to press the power button on my keyboard (pesky thing – if anyone knows how to disable it, please let
me know) and restart my computer after weeks and weeks of uptime.
I couldn’t even remember the last time it got restarted. Anyway,
as you might expect, my computer wouldn’t boot. I run windows
2000, and it almost loaded up that initial page with the windows logo,
but it would just get stuck every time at the same place.
I tried restarting it in safe mode, and it booted up ok. I
couldn’t for the life of me think what I’d installed recently that
might do this. Anyway, I took a chance and un-installed AVG,
since that’s all that came to mind that I’d recently installed.
Fortunately, my computer booted successfully afterwards.
Unfortunately however, it now means that I’m without any virus