Well this seems to work a little
better. I’m not sure why I couldn’t post stuff in here with the
other WYSIWYG editor, but anyway…
Here I am! I’ve finally decided to start a blog. Hopefully not many people will read this, since:

  • I’m not really sure how to use this thing
  • I’m sure you’ll be quite suprised if you know me

Also, its getting quite late here. The timezone doesnt seem to be
set quite right – I might have to reboot the server for that symlinking
to take effect.


PS…How on earth do i save this thing???? The other editor,
despite not working, at least had a save button. Theres no submit
button or anything!! Argh!!

(Well as you can see I finally figured it out – it’s not terribly intuitive :S)

testing testing (Why oh why is the time wrong???)