As promised, here is more about conference…

The first night we had some activities designed to make you meet new people, and discover something about them, or interact with them in some way. I remember two of these games, although I’m pretty sure we played more than these two.

The first game was something about tacos. A taco is obviously made up of a number of components. Each person had a sticker placed on their back identifying them as one of these components. It was on their back so they themselves didn’t know which particular component they were. The object of the game was pretty simple – make a ‘human taco’ with all the necessary components, which were listed on the projected powerpoint presentation. I didn’t go so well with this one.

The other game I remember involved forming groups of an arbitary number (I think it was 10 or 16 or something like that). Within that group, we had to pair up, and each pair was given a piece of paper with a number of tasks they had to complete. The tasks were something like “Find an Adelaide girl under 20 years old and get her to sign below” or “Find a guy from NSW that wears glasses” etc etc. Pretty fun, and very noisy.

Sunday was equally fun. There was a delicious rolling breakfast that ended later than usual, I guess to cater for those who prefer to sleep in on Sunday. This was followed by the exhortation. Unfortunately I can’t remember right now who did the exhort, so I guess this will do for today until I get home and find my program.