After I got back from lunch today, a colleague pointed out that a nosepad from my glasses was missing. I hadn’t noticed anything amiss, and I don’t usually closely inspect my glasses on a regular basis, so I don’t know how long it had been gone.

Anyway, since the bare metal could scratch my nose, this was clearly an OH & S issue. I knew there was a HCF eyecare office on George St opposite Dymocks, so I decided to visit them immediately.

My colleague, who also happens to wear glasses, had informed me that he had once had the nosepads on his glasses replaced, for the low cost of $6. I thought that was a fair price, and was fully prepared to pay a similar price.

Once I got to HCF, I went in the little eyecare office next to the branch on the ground level, not realising the main eyecare centre was on level 9. The HCF guy told me he only had enormous nosepads, and that I should go upstairs to level 9, where the main centre was.

Once I got there, I explained my predicament to the receptionist. She helpfully rang one of the glass fitter people (I don’t remember the proper title) and asked them to come out from their protective coccoon (an office behind a closed door).

The fitter was helpful too – he took a look at my glasses, and said he could help, taking them with him back into his native habitat (the same office). A few minutes later he returned with my glasses. Not only was the missing nosepad replaced, but he had also replaced the other nosepad, and cleaned up glasses.

But that’s not the best bit. I asked him how much it was. And his reply?


I was amazed. Surely he was just kidding. When I queried him, he confirmed there was no cost. Not only that, but he also said that I could come back anytime and he’d do the same! Now that’s service. Thanks HCF.