Last month (around the 21st of May I think) my sister and I went
to Adelaide for the weekend, to visit some friends. We flew down
(obviously – there wouldn’t be much of the weekend left if we drove),
so at the airport I bought a book to read on the plane.
The book I chose was Pandora’s Star,
by Peter F Hamilton. I’ve read a few of his books before, and
quite enjoyed them. Anyway, this book seemed fairly hefty, so I
figured it’d last me there and back.
Little did I realise how wrong I was. I only just finished
reading the 1144th page last night. It’s a biiiig book, with
heaps of plot and characters and other sci-fi’ish goodness. I
really enjoyed it, but unfortunately the sequal (called Judas
Unchained) won’t be released till October.