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Our server documentation is a complete mess at work. One of
the things I’ve been considering is converting it all to a wiki,
something thats easily searchable and extendable.
To that end, I’ve done a little (read: 10 minutes) research into
installing PHP on a windows server using IIS. This page seems to
have some quite useful info.
At the moment, DocuWiki
is my favoured choice. It’d be very handy to find a wiki with
ability to import from Microsoft Word documents, but I really doubt
such a wiki exists.
Unfortunately, DocuWiki seems to have a few rendering problems under
IE, and being a Windows-based team, most people seem to use IE 🙁 seems to be another
reasonable one. It even has a macro to convert word documents
into wiki format!

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  1. The "industry standard" open source wiki is MoinMoin. It also has a Word converter which looks like it's superior to the TikiWiki one, as it's an extension of it. It's also designed to fully work under Unix and Win32 (so it says). It may not look pretty, but by gum it's powerful.

    Anyway, enough advertising for a product I've never used. I used DokuWiki at work too. It was OKish, but was under very rapid development at the time (6 months ago) so it didn't have all the stuff we were hoping for, nor the community behind it that some of the others did.

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