I haven’t posted here for weeks!

Some interesting things that have happened recently:

  • I got a new soundcard – a usb soundcard utilising the Burr-Brown PCM 2702 DAC. It sounds awesome!
  • I’ve bought 2 new tyres for my car
  • I bought World of Warcraft, and have been playing it extensively
  • Found out we’re moving offices at work 🙁 Around the 20th
    of July, we’re moving from the nice, sociable, cozy computer centre
    annexe to a building where they’re gonna cram 150 people together, with
    miniture partitions, and our test lab on the other side of the building
  • Umm, not sure what else has happened…
  • Ahh yes – went to the CYC study weekend on Joseph. I might
    get around to putting up some pictures in my photo gallery one of these