Last week a curious yet highly amusing thing happened on my train trip into work. I meant to write about it last week, but had forgotten until I saw one of the people involved in this story on my trip home tonight.

I got on to the train at Holsworthy station, as usual. I didn’t notice anything unusual about my fellow passengers at first. I only really noticed when the train carriage started getting pretty full.

A couple of rows in front of me, there was someone lying down, taking up 3 seats, with his feet propped up on the armrest next to the aisle. As people got on, and walked to what appeared to be an empty seat, they noticed this man, gave this unknown sleeping person a dirty look which they obviously couldn’t see, and moved on to squash up on some other seat.

This is where the humour comes in. A tall man, probably in his 30s, with dark longish hair and a bit of facial stubble, strides down from the end of the carriage to where this unknown person was selfishly taking up so much room.

Without hesitation he whacks the hairy legs (so I guess by now I’ve worked out this is a guy) with his newspaper, and loudly proclaims “Hey mate. Wake up”.

Now, you’d have to be a deaf paraplegic to ignore all this, so the guy mumbles something, and sits up, rubbing his eyes and looking sullen and annoyed. This provoked quite a few smiles, and even some outright laughter. It certainly made my train journey more interesting.