Yesterday was a day I’d been anticipating for several weeks. I had a day off work, which was great. But more than that, there was a reason for my day off work … I was going down to Wollongong.

What for, you may ask. One of my fellow grads was leaving CSC, and yesterday was his farewell lunch. Given how far away Wollongong is from Sydney CBD, I spent the day down in Wollongong.

I finally saw the new office building – both inside and out. I admired the colour scheme, the interior decoration, the non-operational boom gates designed to add security to the car park, the desolate wilderness that surrounded the building, and the half built cafe supplemented by a tent. I played around with the new IP phones, and had a brief tour of the server room and build/test room. And I tried out the spacious kitchen/lunch room.

I also caught up with people I knew from my time at CSC. And I had some delicious Singapore Noodles at Chef’s Delight.

Those of you who know me know that I like taking photos. So here’s some I took – the first two are from the farewell lunch (bye Damien) and the rest are people I worked with on a daily basis at CSC. I am missing photos two people, which I’ll have to rectify next time I visit.