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Living in Canberra

I haven’t updated my blog for *ages*, as a friend of mine recently pointed out. So much has changed in my life since my last post.

I’ve changed jobs and cities. I’m now working for IBM as part of the Intel team. In Canberra. This of course necessitated a change of living arrangements.

I finally got the keys for my own (rented) two bedroom townhouse on last Friday. Since I started work in Canberra one and a half weeks before that, I needed to stay somewhere else. That place turned out to be in my Dad’s studio apartment, which was cramped to say the least.

But now that I have my own place, I’ve been busy setting things up. I already had some of the important appliances (kettle, toaster, microwave, iron, ironing board) ready for when I moved in. Plus Dad was keen to get rid of a single bed that he had squeezed into his apartment. It’s not a great bed – the wire mesh supporting the mattress sags somewhat, and the colour is a vivid red. The mattress is a relatively thin foam mattress. But it sure beats sleeping on the floor.

I did have a fridge lined up, but it seems that was sold to someone else in between me contacting the store initially, and arranging to get it delivered. So that meant last Friday night I was fridge hunting. I managed to find a reasonably priced (well, as reasonable as a brand new fridge can be priced) and arrange for delivery on Saturday. This of course meant that I couldn’t drive back to Sydney until my fridge was delivered – at around 3:15pm. Kind of annoying, but at least now I have a fridge.

I came back from Sydney last night with a car load of stuff which I spent quite a few hours last night unpacking, washing up my new plates and cutlery and glasses, finding places for stuff.

I also did my first load of washing last night, which went reasonably well, although it was just socks and undies.

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