In the morning, we were told to meet in the dining room. There we learned that Bible school was without water – it was already obvious from the previous evening that Bible school didn’t have power. It had been decided that we would return to Sydney, and continue there. There was a frantic search for halls that were big enough to accommodate all 250 of us at such short notice. Hurstville were kind enough to let us use their hall.

We had muffins and cartons of chocolate milk / iced coffee for breakfast. There was cereal and milk, but no way to wash up the dishes. Then we packed up, and commenced the drive back to Sydney, to meet up at 1pm at Hurstville hall.

At this point I should probably point out the theme of the weekend – “Living Like Noah.” Quite an appropriate topic, given the weather. It has certainly made me appreciate the enormous amount of water that can fall in a day or two – imagine how much could fall in 40 days and 40 nights! The central theme was Hebrews 11:7, focusing on Noah’s faith and preparation, considering the reasons for God sending the flood, and the imperfect example of Noah. The salvation of Noah and his family was symbolic of the work of Jesus Christ.

We ended up having lunch around 2pm – lasagna and salad. The first study started at 3:30. Afterwards was afternoon tea, a few short but highly humourous skits, a further study, and dinner. There was a mediation and supper in there somewhere too.

We had the memorial meeting at Moorebank’s hall – they use a hall at a primary school, so plenty of room. That afternoon we descended upon Liverpool’s Manhattan 10 pin bowling, before returning to Moorebank for the 4th study.

Monday started with a cooked breakfast at Hurstville, followed by the 5th study.

All in all the weekend went quite well, especially considering the program and activities were basically planned on the fly. I think most people had an enjoyable time, and certainly a memorable one. I don’t think I’ll ever read about Noah again without thinking of this weekend.