In my recent net searching, I’ve found an awesome site called
sparkfun (as mentioned previously). Amongst other things they
have a Serial Miniature Bluetooth RF Link (BlueSMiRF for short). I’m thinking of using this, together with their serial backplane (named SerLCD) for LCD’s to create a wireless LCD display. The actual LCD i’m planning on using will come from
There are a few issues with this. I still need to sort out how to power it, and I still need to sort out software for it.
Theres some software called LCD Smartie that I think will do the trick. It has a customisable serial interface which, together with the datasheet
for the SerLCD, should work. I’m a little worried about only
having the TX and RX connections from the serial port to work with, but
I guess we’ll see what happens.
Watch out for further updates…