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Overtime lawsuit has an interesting article about CSC and overtime.
I’m not really going to comment about it – just link it here in case I
want to read it again some day. It may or may not affect
Australian workers.

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  1. I can understand why you'd want to hold off commenting on this for now, but as I'm not employed by the big C, I don't feel as constrained. I think it's one more sign on the computer industry maturing. We have seen the dot-com crash, massive unemployment in our sector and finally a balance where employment rates are resonable and pay is starting to return to something proportional to our skills.

    In the dot-com boom no one needed overtime because they were all being paid outrageous salaries. After the crash, pay was very low and, without overtime, people started leaving the industry in droves. Now things are finally sorting themselves out. I look forward to working in a sane IT occupation.

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