The weekend is finally here, and so many interesting things have
happened during the week. This is going to be a fairly long post,
so I’ll put most of it in the extended section.

I did my MI talk on the rest of 1 Peter 1 last night – it went
reasonably well, though as usual I kept forgetting to change the
slides. I did a reasonable amount of it without looking at my notes,
which I thought was a good thing, but it did make my talk sound a
little less prepared.

On the night before – thursday night, I had a blast. That was really
an awesome night. My sister and I, and a bunch of people from Heritage
College, including parents, went to see the musical ‘The Lion King’ at
the Capitol Theatre in the city. It was my first live musical, and I
tell you, its an experience everyone should have. Even if they hate
watching the videos of those 30 year old musicals that their little
sister is always watching.

The costumes were awesome, the stage and lighting perfect, and the
singing – words can’t describe it. The costumes were colourful, and
very creative in their portrayal of the different animals. My
favourites were the elephants and Zuzu (I think that’s his name – the
bird that serves the king). There were plenty if humerous moments
too. I guess they’ve got it down to a fine art when they’ve been doing
the same show twice a day for the last 16 months or so.

I spent more on merchandise than the actual ticket cost, which is
amusing in some limited fashion. The ticket was only $70, though
apparently they’re usually almost twice that. I can only assume that
theres large group discounts for big groups. I spent $40 on a nice
black XL t-shirt with the lion king logo on the front; $30 on the cd
(although it wasn’t a recording of the performers we saw, but rather
the original broadway performance, whereever and whenever that was);
and $20 on a souvenir program, which turned out to have a whole bunch
of ads in it.

Work hasn’t been so bad either – I’m really starting to feel at home
there. I can actually do useful work without having to ask all the
time, although theres still plenty of work that I have to ask about.
Still, I’ve only been working there for 5 weeks, give me time and I’ll
learn more.